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Dancing in the Park

Dancing in the Park was born out of the pandemic. While it wasn't what we originally intended for our 10th anniversary concert, we knew we still wanted to perform and celebrate this important milestone. We brainstormed a way to share our work that was safe and worthwhile for both our company members and our audiences, and our Dancing in the Park series was it! In collaboration with GrowRVA and Richmond's Department of Parks and Rec, we performed free concerts on the 4th Saturday of every month from March through June at various parks around Richmond. Audience members were encouraged to bring a chair or a blanket, a mask and a friend, to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary in our city’s beautiful parks.

Counter/Balance (2019)

Counter/Balance explores the gainful paradox of concurrent unity and duality inherent in the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. At first glance, Yin and Yang appear to be opposing forces, two contrary entities competing for power. What’s just as true is that Yin and Yang are equally complementary forces, two interdependent entities creating an indivisible whole. One cannot exist without the other. Without light there is no dark, without life there is no death. One gives rise to the other as they interrelate to one another. The natural world depicts this relationship effortlessly: day and night, fire and water, heaven and earth. There is a dynamic flow occurring that perpetually balances and re-balances these energies, creating a relationship in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. In Counter/Balance RADAR delves into the intricacies of this philosophy, relying on opposing yet complementary forces to create and maintain balance and harmony. This evening length work features choreography by company members Megan Baker, Lauren Morris, Lisa Perkinson and Kara Priddy, as well as guest artists danah bella and Ashley Wyatt.


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Impetus (2018)

As dancers, the impulse to be in motion is strong. Whipping up shapes, slicing through space, stirring the air around us, we know that the capacity for movement is endless. After all, our entire planet is in constant motion, rotating around its axis in a perpetual dance with itself. Our natural world provides a multitude of examples: starlings shifting effortlessly from one formation to the next, wind sweeping sinuously through a field of long grass, waves rolling over one another, racing to the shore. Our man-made world is no exception: fireworks exploding in a burst of energy, a pendulum clock swinging from side to side, city streets creating intricate pathways and patterns. The diverse motion of the world around us, combined with our innate desire to move, offers a constant source of inspiration. Exploring realms outside of movement itself increases the breadth and depth of that inspiration. A painting, a piece of music, a sculpture or a photograph can all elicit an impulse. In its sixth annual concert, Impetus, RADAR uses distinct pieces of visual art as catalysts for movement, and vice versa. In thought-provoking work by local sculptors, Impressionist painters and street artists, RADAR finds the force that sets a body in motion. Impetus presents new work by company members Pam Gamlin, Laura Gorsuch, Elliott Hartz and Katherine Saffelle, as well as guest artists Carli Mareneck and Kendall Neely, and features artwork by local artists Lauren Cifranic and Jere Williams. 

Remnants (2017)

To remember is perhaps the most marked sign of consciousness. We instinctively gather and store bits and pieces of our lives, remnants of the experiences, both profound and ordinary, that have intricately knit themselves together to shape our present reality. Surviving traces of these experiences surface in the form of memories, some faint and fading away, some as bright and vivid as if they had just occurred. These memories emerge in our consciousness and provide an emotional arc for our lives, reminding us of our joys and our sorrows, drawing us back to people we have loved and places we have known. There are memories we cherish and others with which we must reconcile; there are those that seem to continuously resurface and others we can’t quite access despite our best attempts. And lurking in the dark corners of reality is the possibility of the deterioration of these memories, the good and the bad, the precious and the painful. In its 5th annual evening length performance, Remnants, RADAR examines this complex notion of memory and its significant bearing on our lives. This new work features choreography by company members Megan Baker, Stacy Dudley, Laura Gorsuch, Lisa Perkinson and Kara Priddy, as well as guest artist Lauren Morris.

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beingHUMAN (2016)

This evening length work asks one essential question: What does it mean to be human? At face value, we are but a collection of parts, a nervous system knit together by paper thin fibers, calcified bones wrapped with sinewy muscles, delicate organs sheltered by a cage of ribs, a beating heart pumping life through our veins, lungs forever expanding and contracting without being asked. Impossibly intricate, yet somehow the most ordinary of human workings. But what about the very visceral experience of being human? What about the parts we cannot see and dissect in a lab? The mind, the soul, the spirit, our emotional selves and our desire to connect with others? Searching deeper, we find our hearts also pump love through our veins; our lungs expand and contract with our daily frustrations; electrical impulses challenge us to seek, discover, explore and question. Who are we and who do we want to be? Why are we here and what are we living for? The simple act of standing becomes much more profound and complex when we decide to stand for something, to stand for someone or to stand alone. Ultimately, we cannot be singularly or easily defined. In this new work, RADAR explores the human experience in both body and soul, and the rich ways we create meaning from being alive. beingHUMAN features choreography by company members Megan Baker, Laura Gorsuch, Elliott Hartz, Kara Priddy and Megan Rivero, as well as guest artist, Lauren Morris.

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GRID (2015)

In this visually stunning and conceptually driven work, the company explores concepts of patterns and designs, whether in space, time, movement or relationships. Through walking patterns, movement manipulation, intricate formations and powerful partnering, the dancers examine the possibilities inherently found in a grid. Some might see this framework as constrictive. RADAR’s aim is to illustrate how the use of grids can provide a structure that allows for creative freedom and endless opportunities. The evening length work includes choreography by company members Megan Baker, Laura Gorsuch, Lauren Morris and Kara Priddy, as well as work from guest artist, Kendall Neely.

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Enough (2015, guest artist)

Choreographed by guest artist, Shannon Hummel, Artistic Director of Cora Dance in Brooklyn, NY, Enough, is based on a larger choreographic installation in development by the same name. It is a study in the subtle, but profound complexities found within basic human interactions. Suspending reality, the dancers are dropped into a world void of physical connection. What does it mean to discover contact for the first time? What happens when that physical connection becomes harmful? How do we navigate a world where both pleasure and pain are so interdependent?

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Unravel (2014)

In its first evening length work, the company explores the idea of struggle. With ropes strung from wing to wing, the dancers literally and metaphorically find themselves caught in an ever-evolving web of obstacles. Some circumstantial, others utterly self-induced. Unravel investigates what it looks like to navigate one's way through this tangled maze and the chaos, confusion, strength, determination, and ultimately, freedom, that accompany this journey. The work includes choreography by company members Laura Gorsuch, Lauren Morris and Kara Priddy, as well as work from guest artists Rebecca Ferrell and Kendall Neely.

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RADAR In Concert (2013)

The company's first self-produced concert offered an eclectic mix of dance to the Richmond community. The concert featured individual work by many of the company members, as well as guest artists from the Richmond area. From the fast paced and energetic movement of the cheeky 1950s flight attendants in Come Fly With Me to the introspective and vulnerable look at relationships and love lost in I Thought of You The Whole Time I Made This, there truly was something for everyone. Choreographers included Stacy Dudley, Rebecca Ferrell, Kendall Neely, Amy Page and Kara Priddy. Performing alongside RADAR was guest company, Dogwood Dance Project, who presented two crowd-pleasing works from choreographers Ilana Burger and Faith Levine showcasing the peaceful beauty of modern dance.

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